Winter Servicing

Now is the time to book your machinery in for its annual winter service.Either call in to our service desk or contact our service department to arrange collection. 01704 894457.

For those wishing to look after their own machinery, here is a abstract from Briggs and Stratton offering their tips on winter storage:

It’s time to put away the lawn mower and turn our attention to other outdoor chores. But just because the lawn mowing season is drawing to a close doesn’t mean you’re finished with your mower—it needs a little TLC before you put it away for the season. You wouldn’t go to bed without brushing your teeth, setting out tomorrow’s clothes and turning down the bed, would you? (Well, maybe you would, but you know everything goes better when you do.)

A few simple steps and proper storage means that your lawnmower will be ready when spring arrives and the grass starts to grow.

Change the oil

After a season of hard work, your lawn mower engine can get bits of debris and dirt caught in it, preventing the oil from lubricating properly. An oil change now will clear out the gunk and ensure fewer problems later on.

Clean underneath the deck

Grab your pressure washer or hose and spray away the dirt and grass that’s sure to be caught under your lawn mower’s deck. Debris and clippings left over the winter will be much more difficult to remove and can hamper the blades from doing their job.

Check the fuel tank

If you haven’t run your fuel dry, you’ll want to top it off and add a fuel stabilizer to protect the engine. Left on its own, petrol degrades and can cause corrosion. Adding fuel treatment and stabilizer now can mean a quick start in spring.

Remove the battery

If your lawn mower has a battery, now is the time to remove it and clean the terminals. If it is still good, store the battery in a cool, dry place. Outdoor storage and extreme temperatures can cause corrosion of both the battery and the terminals.

Properly store your mower

Keep your mower in a cool, dry place. If you don’t have a garage or shed, cover your mower with a tarp—cloth, not plastic—to prevent moisture damage.

A little bit of care for your lawn mower before winter storage and you’ll ensure it will wake up in the spring ready to get right back to work. And you can sleep well knowing your preparations will save time, frustration and money come spring.

Have questions? Be sure to consult your operator’s manual or Contact T&H Power Products

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