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John Deere are one of the leading providers in lawn and gardening equipment and T&H Power Products are one of the only few suppliers who provide John Deere equipment in the North West, Merseyside region. We stock items from standard lawnmowers, ride on mowers and other garden utility devices.

John Deere equipment has many benefits when compared to other competitors on the market such as all equipment comes fully equipped with the latest technologies, this gives you the benefit of being able to get through gardening jobs in no time when compared to using a different machine.

T&H Power Products realise that you want equipment that makes your life easier, reducing the amount of time that you actually spend on the task. That is why we stock John Deere as their equipment makes it simple to complete these tasks whilst still maintaining extreme safety as all John Deere equipment is made sure to be safe. If you are interested in John Deere then be sure to take a look at their products by clicking here.

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Fletcher Stewart Range